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Asian Music UK – Learn How You Too Can Make Asian Music

Sep '13

Avoid getting into debt when you are making your asian music

Music is great. Music is loved. When music is beautifully created, with artistry and perfection, it delves deep into the hearts and souls of people throughout the globe. As such, music is a passion that earns individuals billions. However, not all are favoured by the fortunate tune of events. Many upcoming artistes have their wings clipped before they can soar by massive debtss and losses. A great percentage of these are due to costs incurred during music production. The frustrations caused are indescribable.debt

Where the Revenue Goes

Be it a solo artiste’s production or a band performance, there are some costs that will have to be incurred. These are all in the process of making a hit a success. There is always a risk involved with each production-the reaction by the populations can’t be precisely foretold.

As such, with the music industry being the business it is, most of the fees and costs are paid in advance. If the process goes well, in the end one can make massive profits. If it doesn’t, the situation is not comfortable in the least. Examples of these costs include the manager’s cut, legal and studio fees, recording budgets, equipment rentals, on-line and offline editing, paying the crew, promotional photo shoots and many more.

Proper Finance Management

It is given that to make money, one has to spend money. However, to avoid losses and going into debt’ after production, one has to have a concrete plan of action. This entails a detailed debt repayment plan that will incorporate the set financial goals.

It is highly advised against advancing funds from onedebt source to meet another-the classic rob Peter to pay Paul scenario. This should never be done unless it is really and absolutely necessary. In addition, should it be required, one should obtain the services of financial institutions offering temporary relief to buy time for sorting out of issues.

The overall goal should be to get out of debtand stay out of debt. As such, as one benefits from the profits of the venture, it is advised to set aside an emergency fund and refrain from using its revenue.

For debt advice, make sure get all the knowledge you need. That’s why we recommend looking at the DFH twitter feed, which provides you with regular financial updates and news.

Aug '13

What is the history of Asian music in the UK?

In British English ‘Asians’ refer to people of the South Asian ancestry. These are the Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Indians among others. The term ‘Asians’ does not include people of East Asia, North and South East Asia. The people from these three regions are defined by their country of origin. Asian music has undergone many changes due to interaction with the British. These changes are because of, new ways of thinking and technological advancements. This has led to the birth of British Asian culture. The influence of this music is not from Asians living in the UK but also from UK artist. The UK artists use Asian instruments such as sitar and harmonium and combine with rock based western instruments such as the drums and guitar to create new sounds.Asian Music UK

Over the years, this music has gained popularity in the UK and it is now recognized in the UK Asian music awards, which was established in 2002. Its aim is to acknowledge new talent in different genres of this music. Other music awards are Lebara Mobile UK Awards. It also creates a forum where the young Asians living in UK meet and interact. Bhangra music is very popular in Britain. It emerged in UK in the 1980’s. It incorporates Punjab music and British music styles. Typical instruments used include, tumbi, dhol and guitar among others. In the 1990’s most U.K artist went back to traditional folk beats. UK Djs mix hip-hop with traditional folk singing to create a new genre of music.

Apache Indian was the first artist to infuse reggae, hip-hop and popular Indian music. Jazzy B was a renowned folk singer. He revolutionized Asian music in Britain. It is important to note that the revolution of this music has taken a long time and it has bore various genres of music.